• 快速稳定控制
  • 集成气体转换模块
  • 22种气体嵌入
  • 多参数输出:质量流量、温度和压力
  • USB-C和蓝牙通信
  • Namur NE107状态指示

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FLEXI-FLOW 紧凑型质量流量控制器适用于工作压力在真空和17 bar(a)条件下准确测量0…500 mln/min 和 0…20 ln/min之间的流量。仪表结合基于毛细管MEMS技术快速稳定的热式质量流量传感器和可靠准确的旁路结构。基于TCS技术,建立准确的质量流量测量,不受温度和管路压力变化影响。与集成温度和上下游压力传感器相结合,22种气体的嵌入式数据库实现精准集成转换。多参数仪表可提供过程信息。


  • “预配置高端型” (PA), 量程比 1:500, 流量 + 温度 + 上下游压力, 4 个量程 (FS, N2当量):
    Type FF-A500 – 500 mln/min
    Type FF-A2K0 – 2 ln/min
    Type FF-A5K0 – 5 ln/min
    Type FF-A20K – 20 ln/min
  • “预配置标准型”(PS), 量程比 1:50, 流量 + 温度, 4个量程 (FS, N2当量):
    Type FF-S500 – 500 mln/min
    Type FF-S2K0 – 2 ln/min
    Type FF-S5K0 – 5 ln/min
    Type FF-S20K – 20 ln/min
  • “定制”(BtO), 量程比 1:1000; 可选量程0.5 和 20 ln/min (FS, N2当量),
    Type FF-C10: 流量 + 温度
    Type FF-C11: 流量 + 温度 + 上下游压力;


Measurement / control system
Flow range (intermediate ranges available) min. 0…500 mln/min
max. 0…20 ln/min
(based on N2)
Pressure ranges PA: 0…17 bar(a)
PS: not available
BtO: FF-C10: not available / FF-C11: 0…17 bar(a)
Accuracy (incl. linearity) (based on actual calibration) PA: ±0,8% Rd plus ±0,2% FS (N2/Air/O2);
PS: ±1,5% Rd plus ±0,5% FS (N2/Air/O2);
BtO: Up to ±0,5% Rd plus ±0,1% FS (N2/Air/O2);
for other gases add conversion uncertainty; see multi gas table;
Repeatability Flow sensor: < ±0,2% Rd;
Pressure sensors: < ±0,2% FS
Turndown ratio PS: 1:50
PA: 1:500
BtO: up to 1:1000
Max. operating pressure 16 bar g
Multi Gas/Multi Range embedded gas data for 22 unique gases plus any mixture of these gases
Settling time (in control, typical) 150 ms
Long term stability < 0,5% FS over period of 3 years; then < 0,2% FS per year
Control stability < ± 0,1% FS (typical for 1 ln/min N2)
Operating temperature 0…50 °C
Mounting any position, attitude sensitivity negligible
Temperature sensitivity Flow sensor: zero 0,0015% FS/ºC; span 0,03% Rd/ºC;
Pressure sensors: zero 0,16 mbar/ºC; span 0,05% Rd/ºC
Temperature accuracy ± 0,2 ºC (instrument body temperature)
Accuracy pressure sensors ±0,5% FS
Pressure sensitivity standard: < 0,15% Rd/bar typical N2;
with pressure correction: < 0,02% Rd typical N2
Leak integrity, outboard tested < 2 x 10-9 mbar l/s He
Leak-by through closed valve typical < 1 x 10-4 mbar·l/s He
Mechanical parts
Material (wetted parts) aluminium, stainless steel, silicon nitride, epoxy, aluminium oxide, glass
Surface quality 1,6 mu Ra (<0,8 mu Ra for stainless steel body)
Pressure rating (PN) 16 bar(g) / 250 psig
Max. ΔP 16 bar(d);
20 ln/min models: 5 bar (d)
Process connections BtO: compression type, push-in or face seal couplings;
PS / PA: to be ordered separately
Seals FKM 51415; valve seat: FFKM with PI film
BtO option: for other materials contact factory
Weight 200 g with Aluminium body, 300 g with SS 316 body
Ingress protection IP40
Instrument body BtO: Aluminium or Stainless steel (selectable);
PS / PA: Aluminium
Electrical properties
Power supply 24 Vdc ± 10%
Max. power consumption 2,0 Watt
Digital communication Modbus RTU or FLOW-BUS (selectable)
Support interface USB-C port for easy setup;
Optional Bluetooth connection for monitoring
Electrical connection 9-pin D-sub (male)
Electrical connection
CE EMC 2014/30/EU, RED 2014/53/EU, RoHS 2011/65/EU



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